And now a break from our regular programming…

I thought I would take a break from all the reviews to share a pretty exciting new social media site that I found.

At first I thought Smashbomb would be similar to Goodreads but instead of limiting itself to books, Smashbomb allows you to rate and review, films, music, podcasts, games and technology. As well as books of course! That’s a dealbreaker!

Smashbomb also hosts giveaways, has a community aspect with it’s orbs (think facebook groups) and recognises contributions by dishing out kudos points (KP). You can even spread the love by giving other members KP for their reviews/ratings.

Members can follow each other and I have already met some pretty great people on there.

I have also set up a Disney orb which currently has a bustling membership of… me! I’m not taking it personally (well not yet anyway) because this is a relatively unknown site.

My ranking so far is Oracle, hence the super exciting badge above. You should definitely check the site out!

Home Page: htps://

Book Reviews:

Oh and follow me!

But stay away from the giveaways! They’re all mine!

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