Disney Inspired Recipes by Thomas Beard

Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!

Well now you can!

Have you ever fancied making Tiana’s beignets or Linguini’s soup? Then this is the book for you.

Thomas Beard’s recipe book contains 30 recipes inspired by…you guessed it…Disney!

If I’m honest it was the gorgeous cover that initially attracted me to this book but there are definitely so many recipes I want to try. Keep an eye on my instagram for any attempts – hopefully they won’t be a Pinterest fail!

The first recipe i am desperate to try is the iconic grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast. It’s actually an oreo vanilla mix which sounds like heaven!

I also want to try the honey cake (a la the silly old bear) and the cursed cake from Brave. Not that I have a sweet tooth or anything!

There are some recipes that are undoubtedly “padding”. I’m looking at you Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti and Meatballs and Tangled Hazlenut Soup. Nevertheless there are some others that I wouldn’t have thought of and it was these surprises that I really appreciated because it would be so easy to be lazy and fill a book of Mulan’s Chinese curry, Little John’s stew or similar.

Once you get past the disappointment of the Harry Potter style text on a Disney cover, this book is definitely worth a look. Like all recipe books there are some that I will probably skip past (corn dogs, cheese souffle) but the addition of recipes inspired by Big Hero 6 and The Emperor’s New Groove more than makes up for them.

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