Wonderland: Alice in Poetry

Can anybody truly say,
Had you never come our way,
Alice, where we’d be today?

If you love Alice and Wonderland then this is the book for you. Some poems you will know, such as the iconic ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ but there are also some new pieces, inspired by the classic tale, waiting to be discovered.

This collections comprises of 53 poems which was much larger than I was expecting. Obviously, OBVIOUSLY a lot of these are penned by Lewis Carroll: it would be sacrilegious otherwise. However, I was impressed by the inclusion of modern poets in order to appeal to the younger reader: even Facebook gets a mention! 

The illustrations by Sir John Tenniel are perfect and I loved the italic additions throughout the book which educate the reader as to the inspiration behind the verses.

An anthology of fantasy; this collection is perfect for our busy lives when we need a quick five minutes of escapism.

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