Of Beasts and Vengeance by Elle Madison and Robin D Mahle

Just. Wow.

If you thought the cliffhanger to Of Thorns and Beauty was painful then be prepared to fall in love with Madison and Mahle’s storytelling all over again.

We find ourselves back where we were left: with our ever wary protagonist on her deadly journey to attempt to save everyone she cares for, and hopefully destroy the slimy Damian for good measure! Can she succeed in her quest to sacrifice herself? Or will Madame’s pet thwart her plan before she gets the chance?

Whereas Of Thorns and Beauty was solely written in a first person perspective, Of Beasts and Vengeance expands its viewpoint to allow Einar’s perspective. Aside from being just a little bit necessary, this finally allows the reader an insight into the mind and heart of the Jokithian King. The reader now has a front row seat to his discovery of his wife’s “betrayal” and his heartbreak and determination to break the curse.

Not content with breaking our hearts at the end of the first novel in the Twisted Pages series, this amazing duo of authors keep us hooked with their amazing world building and phenomenal characters. Of Beasts and Vengeance is a spellbinding story which you will not be able to put down.

We settle in familiarly to Castle Alfhild and hope beyond hope that its inhabitants can be cured of their curse; we slowly and painfully learn so much more about the reason both Einar and Zaina have such “thorny” demeanours and just when we think at least one of them will get a happily ever after?

You guessed it.

Another cliffhanger!

When is Of Glass and Ashes released please?

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