Promises and Pixie Dust by Elle Madison and Robin D Mahle

Thank you to the gorgeously talented Elbin Mahlison for granting me the opportunity to read their beautiful book.

Promises and Pixie Dust is the first Thumbelina retelling I have seen in the current MASSIVE trend of retellings.

It is due to feature alongside 21 other full length novels within the Enchanted Kingdoms collection and will be released in just 3 weeks time!

Naturally, a Thumbelina story by Elle and Robin is never going to be your average retelling and, when the story opens on “Lina” drinking pints in ‘The Poisoned Apple’, it is safe to say that this novel will be just as brilliant as their other works.

At a whole 12 cm tall, Lina has never entirely fit in with the world around her. Everything she owns is adapted to fit her size and she has never met anyone similar to herself. After the death of her mother Lina is determined to find someone else of her kind and, along with her childhood friend Edrich, journeys into the Enchanted forest in search of answers.

Edrich is an unwilling companion to put it mildly and the relationship between him and Lina is very intriguing for the reader. ElBin purposefully drip feed us information regarding the friends and the challenges they have faced up to this point but the undercurrent of tension between the pair make it clear that there is more than friendship and obligation at play here.

This doesn’t mean that the reader is not entirely unsympathetic to Edrich’s frustration with Lina though. She is often sickeningly chirpy and optimistic with no sense of danger. At the end of the day though, a tiny woman whose mood shows on her skin and rides a hedgehog is a winner in any story.

Promises and Pixie Dust also hints heavily at a recent backstory involving Edrich as he experiences flashbacks and guilt linked to his current line of work. I highly suspect that this integrates with other stories in the Enchanted Kingdoms collection and I really hope Edrich gets the chance to tell his own story.

If you are a fan of retellings, Once Upon a Time, unrequited love and fairies then this is the tale for you. Promises and Pixie Dust has a freshly manicured hedgehog, a villain with a heart and the best curse words ever imagined.

Frolicking centaurs it’s a good read!

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