Cover reveal: The Scarlet Princess by Robin D Mahle and Elle Madison

A reckless princess. An unexpected enemy. And a mistake that could cost her everything.

Princess Rowan thought she knew her place in the world.
She never expected to feel like an outsider.

She certainly never imagined she would fall in love, least of all with a man from a barbarian kingdom half a world away.
But when she is charged with an emissary mission to ensure peace between Socair and her own kingdom, she is forced to reconsider everything she thought she knew about both lands.

And about herself.

After a lifetime of animosity between the kingdoms, will the Socairans ever accept her as one of their own?
Or will her mistakes push her people into yet another war?

I am loving the Merida vibes from the Scarlet Princess cover!

Robin and Elle always write such great characters and magical worlds, I’m sure that the new Lochlann Feuds series will be amazing.

Sadly we have to wait until August 27th until its release but the good news is that you can preorder now on Amazon here

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