Disney Readathon 2021

This year I am finally organised enough to join the Disney readathon! Since making the move from Disney Geek to Disney Bookworm I have been wanting to join more readathons and buddy reads but so far in 2021 I have been drowning in ARCs and deadlines and it just hasn’t happened.

The Disney readathon has four teams with fun reading prompts – so you don’t have to read Disney books (but of course I am going to try and make mine as magical as possible!). This year the teams are:



Alice in Wonderland



The reading prompts are tailored to each team so, for example, Pocahontas’ team has “Read a book by a Native American author or with a Native American main character” and Maleficent’s team has “Read a book with an evil fae Queen”. Each team also has a selection of group books which relate to their team character.

If you want to join the readathon it runs from 1st to 31st August so you have plenty of time. For the rules, map and FAQ check out the official Twitter thread here.

My Team

Choosing a team was so much harder than I thought but I eventually chose the Alice in Wonderland Team. I’ve planned books for every prompt but The Queen of Hearts ability lets me skip one of them so I will see how I feel during the month.

Alice – Read a book with an adventure

I mean, I had to choose an Alice book for the first prompt didn’t I? I love Gregory Maguire but still haven’t read this – it has been sat on my TBR for far too long.

White Rabbit – Read a book where the pressure is high for the characters

This was a hard category for me to choose because high pressure is hard to determine just from a book’s blurb. In the end I chose Winter’s Captive by two of my favourite indie authors, Elle Madison and Robin D Mahle.

Princess Charlotte’s (great name!) fiancé has been kidnapped by rebels and the sheltered Princess has to leave the castle in order to save him. It sounds pretty high pressured to me!

Cheshire Cat – Read a book that will make you happy


Nuff said!

Mad Hatter – Read a book with an intriguing cover

This is such a pretty cover but the tagline also intrigued me “When the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella turns into a dragon.” I can’t NOT read this one.

The Tweedles – Read the group book

This is the category that ultimately made my decision for me. Most of the group books had a book that I had read – usually a twisted tale or villain tale but one of the options for the Alice group book was Heartless by Marissa Meyer. This is a book that a lovely tik toker book fairy sent me so it is the ideal excuse to finally get to read it.

Have you read any of these books? Are you taking part in the Disneyreadathon? Let me know in the comments.

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