D. M Mullan’s Curious Tales : Hector


If something is missing, and you’re feeling blue, you could learn from Hector, who feels this way too.

This little genius lives in an upside down boat, and he grunts from his hill like a grumpy old goat:

“Hector van Groat needs no one but Hector, because he is a genius, a crazy inventor!”

Book #1 in the D.M. Mullan’s Curious Tales series.


The mini bookworm decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to be an inventor when he grows up and so I jumped at the chance to review this for Love Book Tours.

We absolutely loved this book! The rhyming style makes it perfect for engaging children and my 8 year old loved the story so much that he regularly reads it to his brother on a night.

Both boys loved Hector’s crazy inventions: their favourite bit of the whole book is when several birds are the casualties of Hector’s snowball machine!

The map at the beginning of the book is gorgeous and has also provided the mini bookworm with clues as to whose story is still to come. We can’t wait to meet the other characters in D. M Mullan’s collection, especially if they are all as great as Hector.

This book was gifted and will be treasured by my boys. Thank you so much!

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