The Tempest Sea by Robin D Mahle

I so very nearly fell out with Robin D Mahle over this book… I still might… They’re so close to breaking my heart!

The Tempest Sea is the incredible second novel in The World Apart series, whisking us away from Ceithren and across the Tempest Sea to the other side of the world.

The adventure is again told from Clark and Addie’s POV but this time we are also treated to snippets from Xavier and Nell’s past.
These tidbits allow the side characters to tell their story right up to the present situation, (almost) dissolving their untrustworthy nature in the readers eyes but not ruining the tension within the plot line.
I also loved how the chapters were labelled rather than named (ie Xavier is The Protector) as this really reflected how these “off screen” moments have shaped the characters and made them grow into something much more than their assumed role.

As well as our favourite characters from The Fractured Empire *side eyes Gunther* we also get to spend a lot more time with Locke, Nell and we are finally properly introduced to the infamous general. Alongside a plethora of side characters ranging from a pirate ship full of badass women to a fair few men we love to hate, Robin D Mahle really spoils us.

This fast paced sequel is jam packed full of action, flying ships, pirates and danger: its a wonder there is any time for romance! Addie and Clark may have been through the ringer but the tension and their magnetism throughout this book will have you screaming at them to open their eyes and just accept the attraction. That would be way too easy though… You know they’re just going to wind each other up and fall out a few more times 😊

With the foundations set in The Fractured Empire, Robin D Mahle could really have fun with The Tempest Sea and I think this shows. The action and suspense rolls off the page, dragging us along for the ride. There are some darker moments (big trigger warning for sexual abuse) but these serve to make the characters stronger. They’ll certainly need it for the next stage of their journey!

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