Tarnished Crown by Elle Madison and Robin D Mahle

I didn’t think a book could be better than Scarlet Princess… until Tarnished Crown came along.

Rowan’s penchant for landing herself in almighty trouble continues in this epic second instalment of the Lochlann Feuds series.

Written from Rowan’s POV, we explore more of the mysterious Socair kingdom and encounter dangerous fights, evil opponents and political plots galore!
However, with hilarious banter, saunas, cats and a lot of butt chat, TC definitely has moments that made me laugh out loud.

As always the Queens of the Cliffhanger (I’m going to make this nickname stick!) keep us guessing until the very end. They can probably hear my frustrated screams all the way across the sea.

I can’t wait for Obsidian Throne! Like actually can’t wait. Can we have it now please?

I received an ARC of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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