Crimson Kingdom by Elle Madison and Robin D Mahle

It will surprise no one when I say I finished this book in 7 hours. It will also not surprise you that I have taken 5 days to put my millions of thoughts into words and I have had to reread this several times to make sure I don’t spoil the story.

Crimson Kingdom picks up right where Tarnished Crown left us (which was screaming at a kindle if you’re anything like me). We are transported back to Lochlann with Rowan to see just what adventure she will face next.

I absolutely loved this book and can definitely see how this initial trilogy has become a four book series. Rowan has captured our hearts and now the reader extends the same sentiment to the rest of her loving, crazy family. Our return to Lochlann was intense, emotional and an absolute whirlwind, exactly what we would expect from our favourite redhead princess.

Rowan has undoubtedly grown since we first met her in Scarlet Princess and Crimson Kingdom is where the Princess’ focus now shifts away from herself. The spheres of family, family history and political tensions have always been part of Madison and Mahle’s stories but now these are at the forefront and the ramifications are staring Rowan in the eye as she faces the consequences of her actions. Her family are grieving, her people want war and Rowan, well, Rowan wants what she left behind.

The world building within the Lochlann Treaty and continuing throughout the Lochlann Feuds is so astounding that I notice something new every time I am transported to the Kingdoms of Lochlann or Socair. With expectations high for Obsidian Throne and further spin offs from the Pendragon family, I can clearly see the potential for Madison and Mahle to create a series to rival the likes of The Belgariad or His Dark Materials.

If you’re looking for a YA fantasy series that grows and develops with its characters, with amazing world building and characters that will stay with you long after the final chapter then please please pick up these books…and thank me later

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