It Happened One Midnight by Saranna DeWylde

Juniper and Tomas have been best friends since childhood and, whilst they are in sync in almost every way, their attitudes on love could not be more different. So when this romance novelist and divorce attorney have to pretend to be engaged, there couldn’t be any complications, could there?

It Happened One Midnight is the third book in the Fairy Godmothers Inc. series. Now, I didn’t realise this when I received the ARC so I can confirm that this can definitely be read as a standalone novel. However, there were a lot of characters and relationships that had clearly been included in detail in the previous books and so reading the series in order will likely add to the overall experience.

I should also add that reading the series from the beginning will probably lessen the shock of the Grandmother Godmothers being smutty! It was a bit of a shock for me! I mean, I was here for it as they were really funny, but…yeah… bit of a shock!

The town of Ever After definitely resonated with me as one of those quintessential English villages or towns where everyone knows everyone else’s business. I loved how extra it was and how Tomas (and the reader) seemed to be the only ones to see this.

I also really liked the slow burn between Juniper and Tomas but sadly something was lacking for me as I didn’t find that I truly cared about the characters.  I think I needed a bit more suspense, a little more “will they, won’t they” but the ending did feel a little predictable. I enjoyed the book, it was a good read, but it wasn’t impossible to put down.

Saranna DeWylde’s romance is a fluffy, feel-good novel with a fairytale twist. This is a great, easy read for those who love their friends-to-lovers and shared bed tropes with a bit of steam and a fair bit of magic.

Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read an advanced copy. It Happened One Midnight is released on 28th December.

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