Second Star to the Left by Megan Van Dyke


Second Star to the Left is a 100% adult-only Neverland retelling with swashbuckling adventures, amazing sarcasm and enough steam to fill a sauna!

Tinker Bell is trapped in the world of humans, desperately trying to find her way home. The Queen of the Mermaids has the means to help her but first Tink needs to prove she is trustworthy by stealing a certain treasure from a dashing hook-wielding pirate Captain!

Once Tink and Hook’s worlds collide they find themselves entangled in an intense, fast-paced quest, fighting against curses, pirates and their own growing infatuation.

I’m not sure how Van Dyke manages it but her characters are simultaneously those from our childhood and, at the same time, sexy as hell! Think more Hook from Once Upon a Time rather than the ponytail animated maniac!

The romance between Hook and Tink was perfect in my opinion, it wasn’t insta love at all and was initially pure attraction. Yes, the enemies to lover trope is everywhere right now but I am never going to complain about that! And the fact that he fell first? I’m 100% here for that!

I also loved how the story, the POVs and the whole focus of the novel was on Tink and Hook: sure, Peter and the lost boys feature but I Peter doesn’t take over the story at all. Smee, however, I LOVED Smee- we need a Smee spin off for sure!

Second Star to the Left rivals Serena Valentino when it comes to humanising Disney villains. Beware though, this is no kids story- the steam and tension between Pixie and Pirate is palpable.

Thank you to Netgalley and Megan Van Dyke for the opportunity to read this ARC. Second Star to the Left is out now!

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