Red Arrows by Laura Burton and Jessie Cal

Am I the only one who has never made the connection between Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood before? Maybe it is just me but the fact that they are cousins in this series was sheer genius!

Red Arrows tells the story of Red Riding Hood’s vendetta against a wolf pack whose alpha killed her grandmother. However, as her only family, Red is also loyal to her cousin Robin and is essential to his schemes,together with Little John and Will Scarlett.

Red’s story picks up directly after Queen of Snow but, although Aria does make appearances, it isn’t essential that the books are read in order. Red Arrows is much more focused on the secret attraction between Red and Will which does get a tiny bit steamy in places.

The second fairytales reimagined book is a good, easy read with some great twists to the traditional fairytales we know and love.

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