Hollow Court by Elle Madison and Robin Mahle

You guys know I loved Charlie and adored Rowan but now Elle and Robin are introducing us to Row’s charming, if not slightly slutty cousin, Davin.

Davin is the roguish laird we didn’t know we needed! He loves his family, whiskey and women but you will soon find that this former playboy can charm the stars out of the sky to become the Prince of our hearts.

Of course, we know Davin from Lochlann Feuds but there is so much more to him than he chooses to portray to his favourite cousin. This insight to our favourite laird proves that he may be a little bit more of a cinammon roll than he would care to admit!

Although, Davin’s series timeline intersects with that of Rowan’s journey, Hollow Court can be read as a standalone novel. However, with deception, humour, intrigue and a HELL of a slow burn, you will be devouring every Lochlann book available. Trust me!

Davin is trying to outrun his mistakes, Galena is trying to outrun the future that has been decided for her. Could they each be the escape they both need? Can they pretend to the world that their future lies together when they don’t believe it themselves?

I laughed, I cried and I swooned…hard! As always i devoured my advanced copy within 24 hours and was left wanting more. No really! Elle and Robin are Queens of the cliffhanger!

And that ending! I am not OK! Send help!

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