Elizabeth of York: The Last White Rose by Alison Weir

I love Alison Weir’s novels and own all the Six Tudor Queen series. For that reason, I jumped at the chance to review her latest novel which explores the life of Elizabeth of York; daughter of Edward of York, sister to the Princes in the Tower, wife of Henry VII and mother to the infamous Henry VIII.

As with all of Weir’s novels, the historical detail is second to none but the writing ensures that the reader is entertained rather than lectured. I have no doubt that the politics of the Yorkist and Tudor courts would be dizzying if written by any other author.

Elizabeth’s story encompasses a truly turbulent period in British history and Weir explores her changing role and status throughout. I really enjoyed how Elizabeth grew from an entitled Princess into a young woman concerned with the fate of her family and later into a strong woman who knew her own worth and her birthright. However, even Weir does not blind us from the bitter truth that is the sheer lack of power of women in the courts of men.

This novel is a tome in its own right at 500 pages but stick with it and experience the joy and tears of the Last White Rose.

Thank you to Netgalley for the free copy and the chance to provide an honest review.

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